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Celebrations in your Community

A community is a group of people who live, work, play or pray together.

A community can be your family, your school, your church or temple, your town or city, your state, even your country. It can be your scout troop or your team.

Communities come together to celebrate.

Here is a Knowledge Hunt.

Click on the RED words to help you learn about some different celebrations.

When you are finished answer the BIG QUESTION at the end!


1. We come together to celebrate a person.

Play a game to learn about President's Day.

Follow this timeline to learn about important dates in Martin Luther King's life.

Send an e-card to a friend or family member for their birthday.

Who shares your birthday?


2. People come together to celebrate family and community.

Learn the story of Kwanzaa. Learn the 7 principles.

  What is a fast? Learn about Ramadan.


 3. People come together to celebrate religious holidays.

Learn about Chanukah and play the dreidel game.

Learn a Christmas tradition from another country.


4. People come together to celebrate groups of people.

When did Veteran's Day become a holiday? Do you know a veteran? Tell them thank you.


5. People come together to celebrate important events in their community.

What is a ground breaking ceremony? Do these pictures look familiar?

Why do we celebrate the 4th of July? Play a game on-line.


6. People come together to give thanks.

Learn about the first Thanksgiving. Color a picture.


7. People come together to celebrate their love for each other.

Make a special Valentine and send it to a friend.



 Now that you have been to some sites about Celebrations try to answer this BIG QUESTION?

Why do people in communities come together to celebrate?

What is your favorite way to celebrate?