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The Woodland School Garden 

A Web Quest for Elementary Students


Notes to the Teacher




The Woodland School is going through a renovation right now.

When it is finished we will have a wonderful new school. It will be bigger and have many new sections. The building will look great.

It will need new gardens and trees to make it look even prettier.

The children will help plan, plant and take care of the new garden. There will be sections for each grade level to take care of.

You will help make Woodland School a great and beautiful place.



Your class has to plan its section of the garden. You have been learning about plants in the Second Grade Science unit.

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The Process:

You will need to take the following steps to complete the task.

1. Decide what five kinds of plants your group wants to plant in the garden. Be sure to talk about which plants would be good for your section of the garden.

2. Start a journal of the information that your group needs to find. The first thing you will want to do is write down all of the things that you already know about the plants. Then write down new information as your group finds it.

3. Write a list of questions that you want to know about the plants. Some suggestions are below:

4. Research your plant choices and answer the questions that you have made. Be sure to write down any new facts that you find. Feel free to make new questions while you do your research.

5. When you have answered all of your questions, discuss the following:

6. Once you have agreed that these plants would be a good addition to the Woodland School Garden make a display for the class.

Remember that you should be teaching your classmates about the plants. You should include reasons why these plants should be included in the class section of the Woodland School Garden.

7. Plan out your presentation for the class. What are you going to say? What questions might people ask? What will your presentation look like?

8. Make your presentation to the class.

Group Advice:

It is very important that everyone have a job for this project.

Here are some suggestions for jobs:

Remember that you are working as a team.

Don't argue.

Everyone needs to help!

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 Here are a list of links that will help you find information.

Looking For Information:


Making your display:

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Use the questions below to make sure that you have completed your project:

Did you answer all of your question?

Did you discuss how your classmates and other member of the Woodland School community would feel about the plants?

Is your presentation good enough to teach your class about your plant choices?

Can your presentation convince your classmates that these are the best choices for the Garden?

Is your display neat and full of information?

Did everyone in your group help?


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Through this Web Quest you have explored five plants in depth and listened about other plants through other group's presentations.

Based on what you have learned which plants would be the best choices for our section of The Woodland School Garden?

What have you learned about planning a garden?



Great Work! You have completed your Web Quest and Presentation and the class has chosen your plants to be part of the Garden. Now we have lots of work to do. Below are a list of things that need to be done in our new Garden:

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Notes to the Teacher

Lesson Title: The Woodland School Garden

Curricular Area: Science, Language Arts, Reading

Goal/Purpose: This web quest is designed to help the student with reasoning skills. The students will also get a chance to gather information to solve the problem. They will also make a short public speech and presentation.

Problem Solving Process: The students will approach this project from a group point of view. They will have to make decisions based on information and other student's input. Their decision will be what is best for the community project. This will encourage the students to examine the problem from a global approach.

Interdisciplinary Connections: Technology, Art, Science, Reading, Language Arts

Grade Level: This is designed to be a joint project at The Woodland School. It will involve each grade level. Each grade will create a section in the Garden that will focus on its specific science topics: Kindergarten - life cycles; First Grade - Soils and Worms; Second Grade - Plants; Third Grade - Insects


Prerequisite Learning: The students should have a general knowledge of how plants grow and what plants need to grow healthy. The students should have a working knowledge of what responsibilities are included in taking care of a living thing.

Suggestions: Contact your local garden club. They will be a great asset. They may even come in to talk to the students about garden design, plants and plant needs.

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