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Biography Search Sites



Here are some sites that you can go to find more information about your "Person Who Makes A Difference".


Remember the rules of Safe Searching:
  • 1. Always have an adult with you when you search on the Internet.
  • 2. If you get to a site that is not good or makes you uncomfortable tell an adult, hit the back key, turn the monitor off.
  • 3. Never respond to ads or pop-ups at these sites
  • 4. Use sites for your information that are just right for you to read - not too hard! 


KidsClick - This site is composed by librarians. Look for a site that matches your person. Every site has a reading level assigned to it.

I'm A Hero- Biographies, Timelines and Pictures of 12 Famous People.

Awesome Library - This is a good resource with many sites. Look at the list to see if one can help you find your person.

Famous People ( - This site has an alphabetical search with additional links - This site is also alphabetical, type in full name.

Meet Amazing Americans - Biographies of many influential Americans

Spectrum Biographies - Biographies of people throughout history and the news.

Biographical Dictionary - This is a search engine that you can search by name or date.


You can also go to the Inventors, Women, Black History, or Presidents links on this web site