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The Moon

What is the moon? - Click here!


Many people identify 8 different phases of the moon. Here they are with a picture of what it might look like:

Waxing Crescent
1st Qtr
Waxing Gibbous
Waning Gibbous
Last Qtr
Waning Crescent

It takes the moon about 29 1/2 days to make one complete cycle.

The phase of the moon is determined by the relative positions of the Earth, Moon and Sun, so it is the same for everyone on Earth.

The full moon rises at about Sunset. Each night, it comes up about 48 minutes later. The new moon is

harder to see but it rises around the same time as the Sun.

Because of the geometry of the way the light from the sun falls on the moon and is Observed by us here on earth, the full Moon and New moon seem to last longer than the other phases. But, in fact, the moon is at any particular phase for just an instant, like 12:00 noon, it happens and then it is past. This optical illusion probably contributes to many myths about things being more likely to happen when the Moon is full.

The tug of the Moon and Sun can affect the oceans, giving us the tides.

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