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Our Favorite Sites

We like to visit the web.

We have some favorite sites we like to use. Click on the subject below to visit them.

Our class has learned about safe surfing. 

  • We only visit sites that our teacher approves.
  • We always use the Internet with an adult near.
  • If we find something we do NOT like - we turn off the monitor or get the adult.
  • We NEVER give our name, phone number or address to people on-line.

Reading and Language Arts
Science and Math
Social Studies
Fun Pages
Kid Search Engines
Sports Teams


Reading and Language Arts

Here are some word puzzles and games to help with reading, spelling and other language arts.

You can write a poem, solve a puzzle or play a game. Click on the links!


Book Adventure - Create your own book list with these recommendations

Dr. Seuss' Seussville - Fun with Cat in the Hat and many more creatures

Kid Pub - A place for kids to publish their stories and read other kid's work.

Magnetic Poetry - Make your own poems on-line

Merriam Webster on-line - Learn a new word today! - A great site with some of your favorite characters - check it out!

Poetry Workshop - Hear a poet read their work, learn about poetry.

Primary - Reading, word searches, puzzles and more

Story Books - Print and write tiny stories, read stories from Billy Bear

Story Hour - Read stories from the Internet Public Library

Word Central - Start your own dictionary

World of Reading - You can share your book review or read someone else's review.

Writing and Word Games - Check out this list of links, try one!


Monster Motel

Monster Exchange

Gail Gibbons



Science and Math


Whale Watch by Karen C. Smyth

Whale Club

MATH - This site has hundreds of math facts and games to practice those facts. - You can create flash cards, play games, and print worksheets.

Cool Math for Kids - An amusement park of math fun!

Primary - More math games!



Social Studies

 Pictures of the Renovation

Harriet Tubman Activities




Fun Pages

BillyBear4Kids - Games, coloring pages and more

Fun Brain - Games for everything

Harry - Hosted by Warner Brothers - all about Harry!

Just for Fun - From Berit's Best

Kids, Kids, Kids - Links for games and other learning activities

Kids Place - By Houghton Mifflin

Learning Planet - Activities are organized by grade

More Cool Sites for Kids - This page has a LOT of links, listed in ABC order. - Hosted by Nickelodeon

Postopia - A fun site hosted by Post cereals

Primary - A fun site with all kinds of games

Ranger Rick's FunZone - From the National Wildlife magazine

Summertime Fun - Ideas from Billy Bear


Kids Domain


Kids Search Engines

Awesome Library



Fact Monster

Berit's Best

Ask Jeeves for Kids

Sports Pages

We love our sports teams in Boston.

Keep track of your favorite teams here!

Click on the links!

  Boston Bruins