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Setting Comparison Charts


You will be viewing several Internet sites that show different styles of barns.

You will use "Compare and Contrast Chart" as an example to make your own chart.

Visit the sites and collect as much information as you can on five of the barns.

When you have finished with the chart write a descriptive paragraph about one of the examples you saw.


The Task: Exploring the Web


After reading Chapter 11 of Charlotte's Web visit these sites, choose five different barns to compete a Compare and Contrast Chart.
View this Compare and Contrast Chart to find out how to complete your own.

Look at the following barns:

Round Barns

Lots of Different Barns. Click on the thumbnail pictures to see them larger.


The Process: Creating a Product


Write a descriptive paragraph about one of the barns. Your paragraph must include an opening sentence, detail sentences, and a conclusion.

You should have complete sentences.

Use capital letters and periods correctly.


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