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All About Weather


When you look at the clouds or step outside on a sunny day or get caught in a rain shower, do you wonder what makes the weather?

Visit some of these websites to learn about weather - everyday weather and wild weather!

Be sure to visit Blue Hill Observatory-Home of the Oldest Continuous Weather Records in North America


Learn About Clouds
Cloud Quiz
The Water Cycle
Wild Weather



What are clouds?

Click here to read about clouds.


What kind of cloud is it? Click here to learn about the different kinds of clouds


Who named the clouds? Click here to read about him


When you look at a cloud, does it look like something - an animal or face? Click here to see some "cool clouds". Here are more!


Try these cloud puzzles.
Storm Clouds
Cloud Mirror
* Cloud Capped Mountain
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Now that you are a cloud expert, try these questions to test your knowledge.

(You can click on the highlighted words to check your answers.)


1. What are clouds?

2. How are clouds formed?

3. What are 3 kinds of clouds? Describe them.

4. Look at the satellite pictures of Massachusetts. Are there any clouds over us today? Can you predict what kind of weather we will have?

5. Look out the window. What do the clouds look like to you?


Here's an on-line quiz for you too!


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  The Water Cycle


What is the Water Cycle?

Follow the adventures of Drippy the Raindrop.

What are the different forms of precipitation?

Learn about precipitation here. See if it will rain in your town today.


Now that you're an expert - try this on-line precipitation quiz.


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Do you know what wind is? Read about wind and the Beaufort scale here.

What is an anemometer? You can make one at home.

Here are some cool photos of wind in action.

Make some of these windy things at home.

Click here to see the Wind Chill index. How cold is it?


Try this on-line wind quiz.


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What is temperature? Why is it important?

Click here to find out many things about temperature and how to read a thermometer.

What are the highest and lowest temperatures recorded? Click to see countries and states by alphabetical order.

Try this on-line temperature quiz.


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Wild Weather


Extreme weather - Click here to find wild weather facts.

Weather Watch - Check out these cool activities

Dan's Wild Weather Page - A great place to find information about all kinds of weather. Just click on the words you want to learn about. There are also great puzzles and games here.

Weather Safety - Learn how to be safe and what to do in wild weather.


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