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Learning About Whales

 Answer these questions by clicking on the links and reading about whales.

Have fun!

1. What is a Whale? Read Zoom Whales to find out.

2. Size! How big is the biggest whale? How big is the smallest whale?

3. What is the difference between BALEEN whales and TOOTHED whales?

4. What do BALEEN whales eat? What do TOOTHED whales eat?

5. Do you know Whale Body Parts? Take this quiz and find out!

6. What is a CETACEAN?

7. Learn about different whale behaviors.

Here are some more pictures of whale behaviors from Australia.

8. What is Echolocation?

9. Learn about your favorite whale. Click on these sites:

Zoom Whales
Yahooligans search
Whale Times

10. Want to learn more? Find out How Whales Work!


Try a Whale Activity or learn a new Whale Word!