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Welcome to

Mrs. MacDonald's

Second Grade

This web site was created to give students a safe place to find links, searches, and activities.

Please click on the links to find appropriate web sites and activities.

Please remember that all children should be supervised while on the Internet.

Click here for Internet safety rules. 

Jan Brett
Second Grade
It's People Who Make a Difference in Their Communities

Please send me an email with your questions or comments.




Our class has learned about safe surfing.


  • We only visit sites that our teacher approves.
  • We always use the Internet with an adult near.
  • If we find something we do NOT like - we turn off the monitor or get the adult.
  • We NEVER give our name, phone number or address to people on-line.

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Kids Search Engines

Awesome Library
Fact Monster
Ask Jeeves for Kids
Berit's Best

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