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We are having a busy year in Second Grade.

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Be sure to ask an adult if it is okay to use the Internet!

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Language Arts
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Language Arts:

Book Adventure - Create your own book list with these recommendations
Internet Public Library - Read stories from the Internet Public Library
Kid Pub - A place for kids to publish their stories and read other kid's work.
Merriam Webster on-line - Learn a new word today!
Magnetic Poetry Make your own poems on-line - A great site with some of your favorite characters - check it out!

Poetry Workshop - Hear a poet read their work, learn about poetry. - a great site from the publishers of your favorite books - A fun site to practice reading and spelling

Writing and Word Games - Check out this list of links, try one!

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  Math: - This site has hundreds of math facts and games to practice those facts. - You can create flash cards, play games, and print worksheets.

Cool Math for Kids - An amusement park of math fun!



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Brain POP - A fun website with games, videos and information
Science4Kids - Cool site with links to bus, plants, bacteria and more!
Schoolhouse Rock Science - songs and more about science
Yahooligans Science - links to many interesting sites

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Social Studies:


Celebrations - learn about different holidays
Biography sites


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  Internet Activities:


Internet Research - Learn about using the Internet for Research
Celebrations - A treasure hunt about celebrations
People Who Make A Difference - webquests and links
Charlotte's Web - Activites to accompany the book
Woodland School Garden - a web based activity
Clouds - a webquest about all kinds of weather
Learn About Whales - a webquest

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Fun Stuff:

 Fun Brain
Kids Place
Harry Potter
Kids Domain
Lego Games


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