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Look up your favorite bug! Try a fun activity!

Learn about the wonderful world of insects!


Read the following list of sites carefully. There are many places to go to get information, play a game, see photographs and drawings.

INSECT VOCABULARY: insect, head, wing, antenna, thorax, abdomen, metamorphosis, cocoon, pupa, larva, larvae, colony, entomology, environment, chrysalis, hive, grasshopper, cricket, ant, damselfly, dragonfly, bee, fly, mosquito

Entomolgy for Beginners - You can find information and drawings of insect body parts at this site. Make sure you click on all the body parts, not just the big parts. There is also a description and drawings of insect metamorphosis.

Insect Metamorphosis - A page with information about metamorphosis and an activity from Houghton Mifflin.

BugBios - This is a very cool bug site! You can click on the type of bug you're interested in and then get information and pictures.

Going Bug-gy - This is Scholastic's page of Bugs! Games, puzzles, information and an interview with Ms. Frizzle!

Butterflies - This site has a photo gallery by country, the life cycle of the moth and butterfly, a coloring page and more great links. Enjoy!

Alien Empire - This special multimedia Web companion to the PBS three-week NATURE miniseries takes you into the bizarre, fascinating world of insects, with amazing graphics, sound and animation, enhanced video, and activities for kids.

eNature Field Guide - Click on the species you are looking for and see great pictures. This is a commercial site, watch out for Pop-ups and ads.

Iowa State's Entomology Image Gallery - See pictures of insects that have been taken through an electron microscope. There are also videos of a cicada, lady beetles, ticks, lice, and more. Many of the bugs are listed by their latin names instead of their common names.

Katerpillars and Mystery Bugs - What a FUN site! Facts, experiments, crafts, jokes, and games about insects, by the University of Kentucky Department of Entymology.

Bugs - A Thinkquest site made by fifth graders.

Bug Pets - Read this before you bring home an insect. Know how to take care of it!

The Insects Home Page - Read about the most successful species on the Planet!

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Yahooligans - A complete list of insect sites, read the descriptions carefully.

Awesome Library - Another list of sites, with many resources.

KidsClick - A great list of sites put together by librarians and includes grade levels for each site.