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Newsletter:January 2, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we start 2007 we have many things to be thankful for - family, friends and good health. How lucky we are to be in a school with caring, respectful and thoughtful people. Let's continue the school year by remembering to be respectful and caring in everything we do!

We are going to focus on being good citizens and learning about ways People Make aDifference in their Communities. We will be reading biographies and studying the qualities of good citizens in Social Studies.

For our Author Study we will be reading books by Jan Brett.

We will continue reading chapter books in Reader's Workshop, but we will also start reading biographies as we combine Reader's Workshop with Social Studies.

In Writer's Workshop we have been adding details to our personal stories. We are using describing words and making our sentences grow with descriptions

In Math we have been learning to do story problems that have combining or separating in them. We are using larger numbers and have been adding and subtracting by 10's, 2's, and 5's. We have done some graphing in EXCEL with counting our pockets for Pocket Day. We are working on the Investigations unit of Coins, Coupons and Combinations right now. Mrs. Mac wants us to practice our math facts all the time. It will help us later on!

We are also writing many letters this year. We have pen pals in New York City at the Dalton School. Their teacher, Mrs. Julie Belkin Rand, is a graduate of the Weston Public Schools and was one of Mrs. MacDonald's students MANY years ago! We love writing to them and learning about NYC! We are also participating in a Senior/Second Grade connection and will get to know a Weston High School Senior. We met our Kindergarten Book Buddies from Ms. Gregorie's Kindergarten. That was fun!

In Science we are learning about WEATHER. We have had fun with experiments with air. We learned about the different qualities of air and we made some thing s to travel in the air - like gliders. Next, we will study water and the water cycle.

Watch for another newsletter soon with more interesting information about our class!!

Spelling Words We are practicing these 3 rules:
  • 1) drop e before adding -ing
  • 2) double the consonant before adding -ing or -ed in words like jog and stop
  • 3) change the -y to -i before adding -ed or -es

Parent Information:

Please remember to send your child to school with hat, mittens, coat, snow pants and boots. We will go outside for recess and having your child dressed appropriately helps keep them healthy this winter! You may want to send a change of pants, extra socks and sneakers - just in case.